Techlore Consulting

Techlore Consulting

Individual support, because you deserve to be safe.


Identity Theft Prevention

The best way to battle identity theft is through prevention. We analyze your weak points, threat model, and individual situation to protect your identity from strangers, people-searching websites, and cybercriminals.

Breaches & Account Safety

Learn how to protect your accounts, prevent breaches, and take full control of your digital identity. From your operating system to your online accounts, all tailored to your individual needs.

Threat Modeling

There is no single configuration for every person. We perform a full, individualized analysis on threats you want to protect against, then give options to achieve your desired protection.

Direct Support

We are dedicated to giving you one-on-one support. Curious about creating a pseudonym, hardening your systems, protecting your public persona, or any other questions? We are here for all your questions.

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More Information (FAQ)

Is consulting for me?
It depends! If you need individual support to improve your privacy & security, a single month of consulting may save you months (or years) of headache. We analyze your physical and digital life, and give you clear indvidiualized support based on years of experience and research.
What can I expect?
  • Our goal is for you to finish Techlore Consulting feeling in-control and independent.
  • Consulting is done on a monthly basis. You are given 4 meeting slots, each up to 2 hours, in addition to direct communication between meetings for on-going support. The first meeting is dedicated towards understanding your situation and developing your threat model. We strive to complete consulting as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary spending.
  • Techlore Consulting does not perform tasks assigned to you. (Ex. We may instruct you to delete certain accounts, but you are still responsible for implementing the advice.)
  • For finer details or other questions, kindly submit an inquiry.
How does pricing work?
  • Pricing is currently done on a month-by-month basis. Submit an inquiry to receive a quote.
  • Our goal is to help clients within their first month when possible. Once your inquiry is submitted, we will give our best estimated ETA.
What is threat modeling?
  • Threat modeling refers to "the process of identifying, understanding, and communicating risks and mitigation to protect something of value."
  • With countless people screaming countless different things you need to do to protect yourself, it becomes difficult to sift through what truly applies to you. We get personal and figure out exactly what you are trying to protect, then give you individualized options on how to achieve it.
How is communication structured?
  • Each client is given 4 meetings (2 hours each) per month. These meetings are conducted over Jitsi, Telegram, Signal, or another mutually agreed platform.
  • Between meetings, clients are given direct messaging access for on-going support. Messages are responded to as frequently as possible.
  • Clients have the option of doing video calls, voice-only calls, or text-only meetings. A text-only meeting involves the client typing while we respond through real-time audio.
How is my information protected?
Protecting your information is our utmost priority. Our privacy policy outlines how we protect your data.