About Techlore

Techlore was built to prove privacy & security are not just achievable - but simple and accessible. We manage several projects, communities, and content to spread privacy & security to the masses.

We Proudly Support

We proudly support several projects & initiatives we're passionate about. Check out our video on it here

Our Team


Henry CEO

Runner, coach, artist, musician, book nerd, & privacy advocate. Owner of Techlore. Personal Website


Tori Video Producer

Coffee addict, bookworm, writer, productivity nerd, privacy advocate, and perpetually contemplating existence. Personal Website


Jonah Community Administrator

Technology educator, writer, community expert, gamer (of the tabletop variety), and resident self-hosting shill. Personal Website


Suzie Community Manager

Gamer, wannabe tech nerd, anime enthusiast, manga and book lover, partner that Nate Bartram always talks about.

Our Partners



GeekBeacon has fostered friendships and projects that span to the furthest reaches of the globe. They strive to build a community that understands that the one thing that unites us all is our love of our geekiness over tech, science fiction, art, books, movies, video games, anime, comics, travel... that transcends any culture, economical or physical divides.

We are partnered with GeekBeacon on Discord and encourage you to visit their amazing community!


Private Your Tech

We're a privacy, security, anonymity, and tech-oriented community helping members across the globe to protect their digital identity. PYT has its origins as a Techlore community. It was rebranded in 2021 to become independent and community-led.

Here, you can connect with like-minded individuals who want to create a more privacy-friendly tech world, discuss and learn more about it, stay updated with privacy news, best practices, and just have fun!

Privacy is a right, not a luxury. So let's make sure we're protecting it! Private Your Tech with us today.


The Terminal Café

The Terminal Café is mainly focused on all things Linux, Tech and Open Source with some Gaming and Music added in for fun. Our goal is to teach, help and enjoy ourselves as fellow Linux users or Tech users in general. If you give us a chance then we hope that you will enjoy your stay here, you're welcome at any time even if you are not a full time Linux user.

We are partnered with The Terminal Café on Discord and encourage you to visit their amazing community!