About Techlore

We became private, and you can too.

Techlore was built to prove privacy & security are not just achievable - but simple and accessible. We manage several projects, communities, and content to allow anyone to be safe in our digital world.

Our Team


Henry Owner

I used to be controlled by Big Tech, but I broke free - and you can too. My journey inspired me to develop Techlore into what it is today.


Tori Video Editor

Coffee drinker, writer, techie, privacy advocate, and avid watcher of psychological thrillers. Overly sarcastic.


Aydan Creative Producer

Artist/musician, and a connoisseur of good times! Excited to share the story of privacy on the web, across the web!


Jonah Community Manager

Jonah is our community manager, ensuring they are welcoming and informational places for any user to learn about privacy. Visit Website

Our Partners


The New Oil

The New Oil is designed to go in-depth on various ideas, subjects, and concepts, and make you - the reader - feel educated and capable of making decisions that are right for you.

Nathan, the owner of The New Oil, is our co-host for Surveillance Report.



GeekBeacon has fostered friendships and projects that span to the furthest reaches of the globe. They strive to build a community that understands that the one thing that unites us all is our love of our geekiness over tech, science fiction, art, books, movies, video games, anime, comics, travel... that transcends any culture, economical or physical divides.

We are partnered with GeekBeacon on Discord and encourage you to visit their amazing community!