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Tip: Select up to 3 VPNs for a detailed comparison. Resize the chart using the black bar on the right.

About the VPN Toolkit

VPNs are NOT all-in-one privacy or anonymity tools—our goal is to educate users on the benefits & shortcomings of VPNs.

'Where is service XYZ? What about missing data?'

This is an open source project reliant on contributors to keep VPN data up-to-date. Please view and contribute to the project to improve it for everyone.

'Do I need a VPN?'

Depends on your use-case and threat model. We recommend the following resources covering VPNs and their use-cases:

'How is this chart sorted?'

The chart is loosely sorted from 'best' to 'worst', but this is ultimately personal preference. The service at the top of the chart may be perfect for individual A, and terrible for individual B. We encourage users to utilize the data of each service, rather than the order.

Are You a VPN Provider? (FAQ)

'We can offer you...'
We don't care about affiliate rates, or if you have one at all. We don't evaluate what services to review or how they perform based on affiliate plans. View more information here.
'We want to sponsor a...'
We don't accept any form of VPN sponsorships. View more information here.
'How do I get my VPN reviewed?'
We no longer feel individual VPN reviews are beneficial to our audience. Rather than individually reviewing every VPN service, we'd rather have a chart with objective data points for users to visually see where each service excels. If you want your data on the chart, please contribute to the chart on GitHub.