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Our Review Protocol & Testing Methodology

We utilize a systematic review protocol to exclude bias and allow community oversight and contribution.

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Do I Need a VPN?

Depends on your use-case and threat model. We recommend the following resources covering VPNs and their use-cases:

Are You a VPN Provider? (FAQ)

'We Can Offer You...'
We don't care about affiliate rates, or if you have one at all. We don't evaluate what services to review or how they perform based on affiliate plans. View more information here.
'We want to sponsor a...'
We don't accept any form of VPN sponsorships. View more information here.
'How Do I Get My VPN Reviewed?'
  1. Check the VPN status page to make sure you're on our radar. If you're not, contact us to be added, or directly submit a PR on GitHub.
  2. At this point, it's a waiting game. We evaluate what the community is requesting as well as what previous reviews need updates. We are working with limited bandwidth, so please be understanding of our time.
  3. Once it's your turn, we will reach out to you to confirm any questions or information needed to proceed with our review.
  4. After our review is complete, we will then inquire about any offered affiliate plans. This assumes you met our minimum requirements listed here.
  5. We will finish producing the review and publish our review. After the review is live, we send our complaints to the VPN so they can make improvements for a future review.